• Dakota

    I was a little bit lost for a time. I was found at an Elementary school where I was having a blast playing on the playground with the kids. I had been there for about a month. The neighbors had been so nice to feed me, but me and my big friend, Olof, a Great Pyrenees, needed forever homes. We decided Mrs. Sandy was a super nice lady, so we jumped in her truck. She took us home. Olof did not like the chickens at the Bagby farm, so he went to live at another house that had kids that love him. I love being at the farm. I help with the large animals and love to play with my ball. I love kids of all sizes. I just like to be loved on all the time, and Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Lamonte sure do love me. I have a forever home here at the Critter Corral. I am also a certified service dog. That is a fancy way of saying I get to visit special folks at hospitals, nursing homes, and other places. They always love seeing me and petting my soft head.